A few words from the Green Man

This years Green Man, has written a few words telling us his story…

Winter has been hard.

With only Holly at his side, the Horned God has held fast against the wind, the cold and the dark. He is tired, bruised and bitter, turning to naive arrogance to aid his strength against the whirling maelstrom.

But the land is changing.

Memories of the seed, sprouting leaves and blossom begin to return, bringing with them a weakening of his mettle. Maybe he doesn’t know all there is to know about this world?

He feels a calling, a yearning for the completion of his quest gnawing at him from a place deep within him he’d long since thought lost. He yearns to be stripped bare, to have his horns and winter cloak to fall away and remain where they were forged, for his kingly graces and form to dissipate with the life coming forth – there is learning to be done.

Somewhere in the dew on the grass and the mist on the hills he sees her, feels her. She is in the trees, the rain, the earth and the air, and from her flows the spirit that resides in all he sees before him and all the lessons he is learning afresh.

And so he goes to her, to show her how far he has come and all he has learned from and her world, how his horns have broken off and made way for her beauty. She sees his life, his soul and his eternity. She reaches for him, connecting with him and teaching him the final (or the first?) lesson. As he falls he realises this death is not passing away, but making way.

She takes his hand and breathes into him life anew, and up he rises, taller than the Oak. He has seen the world through her eyes, with her help and her blessing. In that moment their beings entwined, and there they remained, ever-revolving and never-resolving.

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