No beginnings

Sage, GO of No-Point, gives a look into their world…

A deeper journey calls to us, the eternal internal instinct, the oracular intuition, bids us dig deep and transform from within. We are unlearning, slowly peeling away the layers of shame and grief and conformity that cover our naked self. Slowly slipping out of the reigns and harnesses of every day pressures, stars are being born in the dark centre of our eyes again.

No point and fire

We have let go of time. We know only sun and moon, the trees and wind whisper ancient names with silent tongues, and the mystery is waking up. Crawling from deep underground, pushing through the woven forms of definition, emerging from tamed numb slumber, something wild is reclaiming its space.

No Point Together

Our laughter has an edge to it, our tongues curl loudly with howling cries and core humming purrs….our toes dig into the ground, flower buds push and swell from our limbs, our arms reach out to embrace the earth, the No is going feral…

No point GO

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