Your artwork wanted for the Beltane 2015 poster and flyer

Beltane 2014 by Jasper Schwartz

With preparations for the Beltane Fire Festival 2015 beginning (already!), it’s time to invite you to submit your beautiful artwork for consideration for the Beltane 2015 promotional material. The chosen submission will be on posters and flyers all over Edinburgh and will also be used in our online promotion and press advertising in the run-up to the festival. Anyone is welcome to enter, so if you have arty friends please feel free to pass this on to them!

Photo above by Jasper Schwartz at Beltane 2014.


The concept of The Beltane Fire Festival originates from the Scottish and Irish Gaelic pre-Christian festival of the same name, while the title ‘Beltane’ is derived from a Gaelic Celtic word meaning ‘bright/sacred fire’. Originally, the Beltane festival was held to mark and celebrate the blossoming of summer and was thought to have been held on the first full moon after the 1st May.

As darkness falls on 30th April, the epic drum beats begin and a magical procession around Calton Hill sets off, led by the May Queen, who encounters many strange and wonderful characters in the form of painted and costumed performers and acrobats. The Green Man is then ‘killed’ by the May Queen, stripped of his winter guise and resurrected for the rebirth of summer in a dramatic ritual performance before the lighting of the traditional Beltane bonfire.

Beltane is a time for celebration, fertility, new beginnings and, of course, fire! Our poster and flyer should appeal to the wider community in Edinburgh and beyond. It should reflect the story and characters highlighted above to draw in those who know the Beltane story, but also to attract newcomers to our festival.


– You MUST submit one design for the poster (A2 size) AND both a front and back side for the flyer (A6 size), at the same time and using the same artwork and colour scheme to keep a uniform look.

– The size for A6 flyers is 105mm x 148mm

– The size for A2 posters is 594mm x 420mm

– Remember to leave any text or important visual elements at least a couple of mm from the edges for printing.

– You should save your full-resolution files at 300dpi.

– Please ensure that all files are in CMYK colour format, NOT RGB!

– Make sure that you save a copy of your work WITH LAYERS, preferably in .psd format, for easier editing.

– Alternatively, if creating a completely digital illustrated image, saving the file as a vector graphic is helpful as it will scale better and be easier to work with if changes are needed before sending to print.

Please download THIS ZIP FILE for all the text and other elements that must be included in designs. It is possible that minor changes to text may be required before going to print (for example, ticket prices and info), but it is absolutely essential that all text etc is in place when submitting your design.

– Everything in your submission (apart from the downloadable elements provided) absolutely must be your own work or created with elements that you have permission to use. If you use any stock imagery, free or purchased, you must be able to provide evidence of legitimate sources if asked. Please check the relevant licensing for any fonts that you use and be able to provide this information if asked.

– We will accept submissions from pairs of artists/designers. For example, if you’re an amazing illustrator and you have a friend who is great at layouts, feel free to work together and submit under both your names.

– Don’t forget to sign your artwork! We appreciate that you’re offering your creations on a voluntary basis, so we’d like you to have your signature(s) on there somewhere.


Your submission should include THREE separate files: A2 poster, A6 flyer front and A6 flyer back.

– When sending your designs for consideration, please make them 1000px on the longest side and send in jpeg format. You do not need to send larger versions or files with layers at this stage. In fact, absolutely DO NOT submit larger versions or files with layers at this stage. Really. Thanks.

– You can submit more than one entry if you like, but please submit each only once! There is no need to send a draft or sketch first, and there’s no advantage to submitting early. If it takes you right up until the deadline to complete your work, then please take that time. All submissions will be posted for voting at the same time in January.

– We will only accept FINISHED DESIGNS. This means that all the text and additional elements absolutely must be included. Please do not send image-only submissions.

– EMAIL your submission to



The winning design set will be chosen by public online vote in January 2015, with voting by email and on Facebook via Likes on individual posts made on the BFS Facebook page. Just as anyone from anywhere in the world can enter, anyone from anywhere in the world can vote. Tagging people in the comments of the Facebook posts to try and garner votes is absolutely not permitted and may lead to disqualification. Any comments with tags contained will be deleted immediately.

Here are some of our past Beltane posters to help kick your muse into gear!

Beltane Fire Festival 2013



Beltane 2011 2 600px

Beltane 2009 600px

Beltane 2005 600px

Beltane Flyer 600px

Beltane Flyer 3 600px

Beltane Flyer 2 600px

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