Blue shout-out

Blue Bob at Samhuinn 2014 by Michelle Linnane

Hello Beltanites!

There’s still a chill in the air, the hand of the Cailleach is still very much felt amongst us but deep underground, something is stirring. Life is preparing to lurch into being, indeed, already the first signs are making themselves known. It is during this time that our community turns its collective attention to creating a spectacular celebration of summer and as you read this Group Organisers are fervently making preparations for the run up to our very special ritual theatre celebration. It is against this backdrop that your Blues are looking to the community to potentially fill a spot within their ranks. We find ourselves with three members in the current active pool and are lucky enough to have the backing of recent Blues for advice and as a repository of knowledge and skills. However, in the interests of keeping things fresh and facilitating development, we are keen to allow the opportunity to potentially add new energy to the Blue community.

As discussed at the recent Blue Blether, we have our processes for recruiting, which involves a keen scrutiny of our current membership and particularly those that have made significant investment into the community. We have the full support and mandate of our Board of Trustees in this endeavour. Part of this process involves listening to the community itself and whispers of who folks think might be suitable. This has in past years been a fairly informal affair, with no lack of community minded folks plucky enough to sidle up to a current Blue in the pub with their opinions. This time round however, we’d like to make this part of the process more explicit and invite the community – as we did at Samhuinn with the Cailleach selection – to contribute their own thoughts on potential new Blues.

So what are we looking for? The nature of the role demands that Blues have at least a good proportion of the following attributes:

• Exceptional communication skills
• Leadership qualities
• Significant investment in the community and festivals
• A keen understanding and passion for the various elements of the festivals and the fine balance between ritual, theatre and celebration which makes our events so unique
• A commitment to positive contribution to the development of the festivals
• Ability and commitment to working closely and positively with a team
• Commitment to being present in the role for at least three festivals to facilitate a continuity within the Blue community
• Exceptional organisational skills
• A BIG heart!

We’d love you to send your submissions to as soon as possible so that we Blues, along with the Board, can consider them and, potentially look at having new blood in by the Open Meeting.

Many thanks,
Yer Blues

Photo of Blue Bob at Samhuinn 2014 by Michelle Linnane.

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