Meet our Beltane 2015 poster designer

Natasa Ilinic

Meet Natasa, designer of our Beltane 2015 poster.

How long have you been creating art for?
Since I can remember. I can recall getting my first art supplies as birthday presents in kindergarden. I always pursued art as a passion, but never attended an art school, choosing to study Archaeology and Anthropology instead.

What medium do you work in?
Watercolour is my weapon of choice! But I occasionally work with digital painting and acrylics.

Why did you decide to submit an entry for our Beltane 2015 poster competition?
My partner, who is based in Edinburgh, likes to keep an eye on local cultural events, and as soon as he read about the poster contest he told me about it, knowing that pre-Christian traditions, nature and European heritage are some of my greatest interests. It was just two days before the deadline, so at first I wasn’t going to submit an entry, given the little time I had to work on it… but it was too late. The idea planted in my head, and I kept thinking about. When I woke up the morning after I immediately took pencil and watercolour paper and started sketching in front of the fireplace.

What inspired your Beltane 2015 artwork?
I wanted to depict the May Queen in her most powerful aspect, not just as a Goddess of Spring, but also as a deity that rules over the cycles of death and rebirth. The intense atmosphere of the night lit with torches seemed to be just the perfect choice, especially considering how dramatic and full of life the rituals of Beltane can be.

You can find more of Natasa’a work on Facebook, Tumblr and deviantART.

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