Introducing our Beltane 2015 Group Organisers

Beltane 2013 by Simon Crofts

Our Group Organisers are talented, dedicated volunteers who will be devoting HUGE amounts of time and energy over the next three months to creating a unique, exciting festival event. Working with the Court, Blues and Event Coordinator, GOs’ ideas form the basis of the story that unfolds across Calton Hill on 30th April.

More information will be posted about each of groups soon and you’ll be able to find out more (and get involved!) by coming to the Beltane 2015 Open Meeting on Sunday 22nd February.

So, without further ado, please welcome our Beltane 2015 Group Organisers!

The Aerie
Jerome Wiwezar and Andrew Bell

Raymond Considine, Tom Caine and James Armandary

Bonfire Point
Robert Lee and Dulcea Wind

Bower with Spark
Judy Fordham and Faracy Moon Grouse

Family Parade
Cat Somerville

Fire Point
Daniel Connell and Emily Martinelli

No Point
Sage Dean and Annie Minnaar

Photo Point
Mark Taylor and James Illing

Processional Drummers
Jason Kalapothakis and Eva Murzyn

Dave Rowell and Rob Sproul-Cran

Nick Toth and Anthony McKale

Random Points of Kindness
Kat Kane and Cat Somerville

Adam Exell and Helen Bradburn

The Gadjadilos
Michal Miklewicz and Izabela Wawreniuk

The Horn of Summer
Ross Atkinson

Ellie Stewart and Tiggs Cunningham

Louise Murray and Tamara Piddock

Photo of Beltane 2013 by Simon Crofts

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