Tales from Beltane: Karl and Garry’s story

Karl (below right) and his partner Garry (below left) joined BFS after witnessing Beltane as part of the audience. In our second ‘Tales from Beltane’ guest post, Karl talks about being inspired to join in…

Karl and Garry

We got into Beltane festivities after I and my friend Marie went to see the festival as spectators. We decided there and then on the Hill to be part of things. We went to the Open Meeting for the following Samhuinn with Garry and another friend, Leigh. By the end of the meeting Marie and Leigh had signed up to be Torchbearers, I had joined the Stewards (as was the original idea) and Garry had signed up for the Winter Riders.

You couldn’t ask for a more welcoming, creative, diverse and lovely bunch of people. There’s a little bit of everything for everyone. We are yet to star in a group together or be in ‘rival’ groups (as we see existing in a friendly form!) but there are many more years to come.

You can buy tickets to Beltane 2015 from The Hub. If you would like to get involved in this year’s festival, you are welcome to come to the Open Meeting.

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