If you missed the Open Meeting…

Scenes from the Open Meeting

…don’t panic! There’s still time to get in touch with Group Organisers and join a performance or production group to take part in Beltane. You can find all the organisers’ contact details, along with information about the groups, on this page.

If you were at the Open Meeting, it was lovely to see you! The main hall in the Abbeymount Centre was packed out with people – lots of familiar faces and plenty of new ones too. Although preparation for Beltane 2015 has been going on since…well, pretty much as soon as Samhuinn 2014 was over, this is the Big Beginning, when all of you get involved.

As Blue Bob said yesterday, “This is the journey that we’re all choosing to go on together”.

Photos from our live Tweeting of the Open Meeting, from left: Alan the Health & Safety Officer and maker of wonderful things, No Point having all the feelings, Beastie James with his light-up drum.

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