Bonfire Point want to meet you…tomorrow!

Beltane 2014 bonfire, photo by Felix Hartsuiker

Bonfire Point’s first Open Meeting (bring a picnic!).

You! Bonfire Point are a full performance group with storytelling.

In front of the Acropolis on Calton Hill.

4pm on Sunday 1st March

Bonfire Point entertain the public through dramatic storytelling. They are a costumed performance group who build the bonfire on the Hill. They maintain the fire as the life force of the community; protectors of the fire. They have a strong focus on the bonfire and its space.

Their movements on the Hill will be very limited and so they expect to be very suited to many people. Beginners are welcome. Must be willing to stand before a crowd of thousands and proclaim dramatically to them.

They meet on Sundays and Thursdays.

You can get in touch with Group Organisers, Robert and Dulcea, at bonfire[at]beltane[dot]org

Beltane 2014 bonfire, photo by Felix Hartsuiker

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