Find your inner bird with the Aerie or bring your music to the Gadjadilos

The Aerie and the Gadjadilos are still recruiting and would be happy to hear from you! Read on to find out how to get involved…

The Aerie

Group Organisers: Jay Wiwezar and Andrew Bell
Email: aerie[at]beltane[dot]org
Next meeting: 2pm, Sunday 8th March, Calton Hill (near the cannon)

Hey there, peeps !

To all of you who are still wondering which group to choose, and how to best to show your magnificent selves on the night of Beltane, we would like to ask: have you considered the possibility of being a bird…? Of wearing bright, feather-like costumes while dancing around the Hill…? Do you think you could be The Crow, ominous remnant of winter…? Or maybe the Humble Bird, fated to be killed and reborn as a fiery Phoenix…? Did we mention there would be kazoos and possibly a bullroarer…? If so, then The Aerie will welcome you with open wings!

Our last Open Workshop will take place this Sunday (8th of March) on Calton Hill, near the cannon, and will start at 2pm, to finish at 5pm.

The Gadjadilos

Group Organisers: Michal Miklewicz and Izabela Wawreniuk
Email: gadjadilos[at]beltane[dot]org

The Gadjadilos are specifically looking for a fiddle player to join them. If this is a skill you have, please get in touch with them by email.

Omnia mea mecum porto. The road is their home. Their daily routine is continuous improvisation. They are resourceful and adept. Culturally influenced by everyone they meet, leaving an impression wherever they pass. Despite their reputation they keep going forward. Music and wine make their feet a bit lighter. They walk until the night will bring a bonfire smoking out the cold and ghost. During these tranquil gatherings they summon the Sound of guitar and accordion . Drums and dancers. Creatures which make the ancient stories alive. Everlasting struggle of Fire and Ice impersonated by our carneys and puppets. Vagabonds which wish to show a different view of welcoming the Summer.

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