Hearts of gold and hi-vis souls

Stewards on Calton Hill

Our volunteer event Stewards are a friendly bunch, dedicated to keeping performers and audience members safe during festivals. They’re also big into sharing information with a smile. If you’ve ever stopped at one of our busks or walkthrough rehearsals and wondered what’s going on, chances are you’ll have ended up chatting with a Steward.

Last Sunday – not in the snow! – the Stewards met on Calton Hill (above) to walk the processional route, get to know each other and play something called Floppy Donkey. For some reason, there are no photos of Floppy Donkey, so it shall remain a mystery to the uninitiated.

They also spent some time starting to clear what will be the Beltane 2015 bonfire space of metal nails and other debris which has accumulated there over the winter (below).

Stewards clearing the bonfire space

If you want to take part in Beltane but don’t fancy performing and/or don’t have time for tonnes of rehearsals, Stewarding could be for you! Get in touch with Nick and Anthony at stewards[at]beltane[dot]org

Thanks to David for the photos.

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