Passing the staff

Photo of Robert and Dulcea from Bonfire Point with the storytellers' staff

Robert and Dulcea, Group Organisers of Bonfire Point at Beltane 2015, share their story of the passing of a tradition between volunteers…

In 2013, a Beltane group named Tellers of Bel’s Fire was founded. Figures in cloaks carried staffs around the hill to Tell stories, both at a tent and walking around Calton Hill.

For various reasons, Tellers of Bel’s Fire were unable to run at Beltane 2014, but this year, we have a brand new storytelling group based on the oldest tradition of all: telling stories around the bonfire.

Bonfire Point has been rehearsing busily since the end of February, and on Saturday the Bonfire Point 2015 Group Organisers were meeting up to plan the next rehearsal, when an unexpected gift arrived.

This was the staff made and carried by Zoe, of Tellers of Bel’s Fire. With this staff, the duty of storytelling has been symbolically passed on, and we look forward to carrying it at Bonfire Point, and to use it to tell stories before the procession arrives.

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