Ignite your divine spark at Beltane

Interactive vocal performance, Spark, makes its Beltane debut this year. Its creator, Faracy, talks about the origin of the piece and why she wants to share this experience with you…

Spark is an interactive vocal performance piece based around the theme of raising the Divine Spark, a concept that is found throughout myriad belief systems worldwide. I first encountered the idea of the Divine Spark as a teenager while studying the mystical side of my own Jewish background.

Every living being and thing has within it a divine spark; by singing or making a sound with the intention of igniting it, we are able to raise that spark to a flame. In the performance, I start off by singing a simple melody and slowly people join in. The audience is encouraged to listen to the people around them and make the most beautiful sound they can make. The process is explained beforehand as an experimental improvisation. There is no right or wrong noise, just an attempt to release a beautiful sound.

In a previous performance, the audience were provided with candles. As the singing gradually filled the space, a flame was passed around the room from candle to candle. However, in the Beltane version of the performance, this effect will be created using glow sticks and paper lanterns.
Beltane is the official beginning of summer, and the fire represents the sun and life. This performance is our way of harkening in the light, both spiritually and literally, while also raising the sonic and spiritual vibration through sound.

Unlike many other performances in Beltane, Spark is peaceful and reflective, and will contrast with louder, more boisterous parts of the festival. As it is an interactive performance piece, it also supports the inclusive nature of Beltane. To take part, all the audience have to be able to do is make a sound.

My ultimate goal is for everyone involved to feel as if they are helping ignite the sacred spark of life within themselves.

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