Live coverage of Beltane 2015 on Twitter

Beltane 2014 by Jasper Schwartz

Your friendly local Technowitch and Technowizard will be dashing around Calton Hill tonight capturing exciting moments to share with those of you who can’t make it along to the event. Most of this live coverage will be on Twitter, with some photos making their way onto Facebook too. You don’t have to be a registered user of either of those services to view content, so if you aren’t able to be at Beltane 2015, you can still join us online for a virtual festival!

If you are planning to come to the festival but haven’t got your tickets yet, the box office on Calton Hill opens at 5.30pm. There should still be some tickets available when gates open at 8pm, but we advise arriving promptly to avoid disappointment.

Finally, here’s a lovely article about us on from the BBC today. Beltane Fire Festival ready to light up Edinburgh.

Photo of Beltane 2014 by Jasper Schwartz.

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