Congratulations to our new Board of Trustees!


The Beltane Fire Society AGM was held yesterday in the very lovely Calton Centre. The main order of the day was to vote for the 2015/2016 Board of Trustees and apparently to wear fabulous hats. Ok, so the hats started as a joke and then became an actual thing, but they were indeed fabulous.

Without further ado, we’re very excited to introduce our freshly voted-for Trustees! They are (from left) Doreen Hall, Andrew Marshall, (artist’s rendering of) Dani Jakwerth, James Illing, Lila Anne, Neil James Rhind, Tom Watton, David Simpson and Irene Carita Morelli. Not in the photo, but no doubt also wearing fabulous hats somewhere, are our other two Trustees, Alan Howse and Andrew MacDonald.

BFS Trustees are hard-working, almost terrifyingly enthusiastic and passionately dedicated volunteers without whom very little of the wonderful stuff that we do as a Society would get done. At their first meeting, they’ll decide who will be doing what and holding which position on the Board for the year ahead.

Congratulations to our new Trustees and big thanks to everyone who came along to the AGM to vote! Also, much love and gratitude to those who Trustee’d last year – Alun Evans, Tom Gibson, Kat Kane, Liza Stolton and Ian Stuart.

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