Announcing BFS at the Grassmarket’s Christmas!

BFS at Grassmarket Christmas

We’re excited to announce that Beltane Fire Society will be filling the Grassmarket’s Christmas Community Stage with our own unique brand of awesome this festival season! Performers include…

Harbingers Drum Crew
The gloriously loud artists formerly known as the Winter Drummers

Winter Fire
Our flame-taming glitter-soaked teal fire monsters as seen at Samhuinn 2015

Everyone’s favourite supernatural creatures exploring myth, mystery and mayhem through movement and sound

Our performance schedule is…
Catsi at 3.30pm on 19th December and 4.20pm on 20th December
Harbingers and Winter Fire at 4pm on 5th December, 5-6pm on 12th and 19th December and 2nd January

You can find Greater Grassmarket on Facebook and Twitter.

Photos of (from left) Winter Drummers, Catsi and Winter Fire at Samhuinn 2015 by Raini Scott

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