Meet our Beltane 2016 poster designer


The contest is over, the votes have been counted and we’re very happy to introduce you to our Beltane 2016 poster and flyer design winner Marcela Badolatto. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, and currently living in Italy, she explains that her design focuses on “the Green Man…one of the oldest mythological images in pagan Britain, and a definitely strong archetype”. She says, “I thought about doing something different, throwing light on this most ancient character of the Beltane rituals”.

Talking about her creative background, Marcela explains, “I’ve always been the artistc type, drawing all the time and everywhere, so it was a natural decision to enter the College of Fine Arts. I started with Visual Arts, but then I thought Design would be more suited for what I wanted to do, which was illustration”. She graduated in Graphic Design and soon started working in publishing houses making book covers, which is her specialty. She also studied book publishing at post-graduate level and after two years decided to open her own design studio. Working as a freelancer brought the opportunity to move to Italy, where now she is now working towards a Masters degree in Editorial Illustration.

After missing the deadline for last Beltane’s poster contest, Marcela was determined to submit her work this year. She was inspired by the Scottish culture, especially the pre-Christian traditions, which has always been one of her greatest passions as she has followed Druidism as a religion for many years.

Marcela says, “I knew the work of the Beltane Fire Society and have wanted to go to Scotland to attend one of the festivals”. This year, her wish comes true as she’s be coming to Edinburgh to experience the Beltane Fire Festival and we’re super excited about meeting her!

If you’d like to see more of Marcela’s beautiful work, you can find her online in these places…
Her design studio’s website
Her studio’s Facebook page
Her studio’s Instagram
Her illustration Facebook page
Her illustration Instagram

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