Introducing our Beltane 2016 Group Organisers

We’re very excited to introduce our intrepid volunteer Group Organisers for Beltane Fire Festival 2016! These amazing people will be working incredibly hard over the coming months, recruiting and training volunteers for performance and production groups, planning, creating, rehearsing and being generally awesome and dedicated to building an epic festival. More information about the groups themselves will be appearing on this page in time for the Open Meeting.

The Aerie
Cat Somerville, Jerome Wiwezar and Mario Staykov

Tom Caine, Raymond Considine and Anna Meulepas

John Wilson and David Simpson

Call Horn
Tamara Piddock

Community Fire
Becky Salter

Contact Point
Steven Turner, Karl Robertson and Danielle Christie

Earth Point
Jackie Burrell and Robert Lee

Faerie Porters
Neil Rhind and Electra Tzini

Family Beltane
Cat Somerville

Fire Arch
Caroline Evans and Martin Miller

Fire Point
Bruno Marchand and Samantha Hulls

Nomadic Flame
Andrew McSweeney, Esje Stapleton and Nathan Goodfriend

Laura Wallace and Mark Taylor

Processional Drummers
Andy Walker and Robyn Galliers

Jane Mann, Lila Anne and Jaye Renold

Helen Bradburn, Greig Douglas and Jonny Crombie

Marie Murphy and Peter Jackson

Water Point
Katie Craig and Seth Ewin

Raini Scott and Sara Ferreira

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