What Makes Beltane Special? Sara’s Story


Sara has been our festival Event Coordinator since Samhuinn 2014. In our fifth What Makes Beltane Special? article she talks about community, risk assessments and making memories.

Beltane is the best royal garden party ever. My favourite thing about it is that it’s volunteer-led; that it comes from the hearts of the community. That community, dedicated to keeping Beltane weird, is the thing that makes the festival different from other events I’ve been involved with. Shine on you crazy diamonds!

As the person hired to deal with the paperwork, I tread the line between legally required and community inspired. I sit in meetings with the council, emergency services and licensing, and translate ritual and performance into risk assessment and event safety plan. I speak many languages, in that respect. I explain to curious contractors why that person is painted blue; why we need those bins there; and agree that no, it’s not quite like anything else that happens in the city. I’m first on the Hill, last to leave, or thereabouts.

My best Beltane memory is standing behind the acropolis watching the fire sculptures burn as the May Queen appeared; taking a (rare) five minute sit-down at the stage with Helen from Tech watching the bonfire and thinking “we made this”.

Want to come to Beltane Fire Festival 2016 on 30th April? Book your ticket HERE.

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