The Aerie’s heart begins to beat


The Aerie had a visit from Blue Becky and a couple of rogue Photopointers during a recent crafting session. While the group were busy building and creating, Group Organiser Cat took a few pictures. She also shared some words about her Beltane experience…


I have been involved in BFS since 1997 and feel as if it’s an important and defining part of my life. I have seen loads of changes of leadership, performance style, new traditions laid down and older ones lovingly packed away but not forgotten. We have always had, along with fond recollections of those who saw, took part in, or otherwise contributed to the festival, a beautifully documented Beltane.


Now, more than ever before, Photopoint is a vital and active group, able to study and capture for us elements of elements, moments of beauty that we might not see for ourselves. It’s so useful to have a reflection of our work, rather than something that beautifies us, as with our usual fondness for the ways we are depicted in social media. I love having Photopoint around adding to the collaborative fun of the rehearsal process and it was so lovely to have these guys along for our creation of the Heart of the Mountain King!


Becky, one of this year’s Blues, gifted us a willow weaving workshop and our heart began to beat. We loved the sensual mask making workshop and many of us now have the foundations for our costumes as well as our ritual object. This is what makes Beltane special – the collaboration and sharing of experience amongst so many other things!

Quick! Book your Beltane 2016 tickets before they sell out!

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