Beltane 2016 in review

Beltane 2016 has happened and we’re beginning to return to the real world, catching up on laundry and sleep, heading back to work still basking in the warm glow of an amazing festival. About 300 volunteers put around 30,000 hours of work into creating an event where we shared Calton Hill with 10,000 witnesses and tickets sold out. We spoke to people who heard our drums from their homes in Edinburgh and people who had travelled across the planet to celebrate with us. We shared live coverage of the festival on Facebook and Twitter with more than 100,000 people, including through our curation of the @scotland Twitter account, and our Photopoint photographers are still glued to their computers processing even more pictures and videos to share.

In case you missed anything, you can find photos and footage in these places…

It was truly incredible to be able to share our celebration with so many people in Scotland and all over the world. It’s humbling to experience this level of support for a small charity working to keep cultural and artistic traditions alive. To our audience online and on the Hill, thank you all for your encouragement, for sharing your own photos and videos from the festival and for being part of what we do. Endless love to our community of volunteers, without whom there would be no Beltane.

Beltane 2016 by Asier Goikoetxea

Beltane 2016 by Bartlomiej Pyrz

Beltane 2016 by Bleu Hope

Beltane 2016 by Dan Mosley

Beltane 2016 by Laura Wallace

Beltane 2016 by Mark Taylor

Beltane 2016 by Martin McCarthy

Beltane 2016 by Neil Barton

Beltane 2016 by Pascal van der Meiden

Photos by Asier Goikoetxea, Bartlomiej Pyrz, Bleu Hope, Dan Mosley, Laura Wallace, Mark Taylor, Martin McCarthy, Neil Barton and Pascal van der Meiden

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