Want to organise a group, or be our comms coordinator? Apply now!

Beltane 2016

Time’s a-ticking, so if you’re thinking about applying to be a group organiser (GO), Green Man, or our Comms Coordinator for this year’s Beltane Fire Festival, do it now!

If you fancy being Green Man, apply *right* now, as the deadline’s tonight (Thursday 26 January) at 7pm. You can find all the information you need over here.

If you’re considering being a GO, you’ve a week left, so get that application form filled in soon.  All GO applications are due in by 10pm on Thursday 2 February 2017. There are heaps of guidance notes, and all the forms you may need, over here. We’re also open to project proposals, from those who have an idea for the festival that they feel doesn’t necessarily fit within a group structure, or require volunteer recruitment. Drop us an email at festival [at] beltane [dot] org for more information, also by 2 February.

And if you’d like to be our communications coordinator, apply by 9am on Monday (30 January) – only a few days left. We’ve popped full details of the contract and how to apply over here.

We’re very excited to hear from you!

Photo by Pascal van der Meiden for Beltane Fire Society

[And don’t worry, the thing that was on fire in the photo was supposed to be. We promise.]

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