Two days left to apply to be a Beltane group organiser: DO IT!


If you’re planning to apply to run a group or submit a project proposal for Beltane 2017, you have TWO DAYS to put the finishing touches on your application and get it submitted!

The deadline’s 10pm on Thursday 2 February 2017. There are heaps of guidance notes, and all the forms you may need, over here.

We’re also open to project proposals, from those who have an idea for the festival that they feel doesn’t necessarily fit within a group structure, or require volunteer recruitment. Drop us an email at festival [at] beltane [dot] org for more information, also by 2 February.

Get it done!

Photo of Fire Point rehearsal for Beltane 2016 by Bartlomiej Pyrz

Featured image by Felix Hartsuiker for Beltane Fire Society

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