Could you run Bower or Stewards this Beltane?

Stewards at Beltane 2015 by Martin McCarthy

Do you feel a call to welcome our community to the Bower as their journey about Calton Hill ends? Or do you have the skills to coordinate our team of volunteer stewards for the festival? We’re looking for folk who do!

Though the deadline for applications to run groups for Beltane has passed (and we’re VERY excited about the ideas that have been put forward), we’d like to add a couple of key components: Bower and Stewards.

So, we are reopening the application process briefly to specifically call for applications from those who may want to be volunteer group organisers for either of those two groups.

Apply by this Sunday

If you are interested in running either group (no others please – we have plenty already!), complete an application form and send it by 12 noon on Sunday 12 February, to festival [at] beltane [dot] org. You can find the forms and all the guidance about applications from the original shoutout; and if you want to chat with us before submitting a form, go ahead and email with your questions, we’re happy to help.

Here’s a little more information about the two groups we’re looking to find organisers for…


The home of our Hill, our community and the May Queen, the Bower is the space where the final ritual between Red and White is played out, a place of nourishment, safety, rest and joy. We’re calling for your vision to create this Sacred Hearth on the Hill, through creation of a magical space, and facilitation of this final aspect of our ritual, ending with a warm welcome extended to all – performers and witnesses alike.

As well as any creative and ritual joy you’d like to bring, we are very keen to make sure we have fire and warmth for all our performers in the space (as we did last year with lovely fire pits).

Bower is a key component of our festival, and we’d love you to step forward and make a home on the Hill for everyone!


Our unique festival couldn’t happen without the wonderful production groups like stewards – they are an essential presence for the event to take place.

The stewards facilitate the movement of performers around the Hill and dedicate their energy to the safety and happiness of all. We are looking for organisers to bring their dynamic personalities, as well as practical knowledge and experience – to help the event run smoothly and to make sure stewards and witnesses all have a great experience of our event.

Organising stewards is a great opportunity to be part of our festival and to develop and hone your own skills, personally and professionally. If you’re thinking of applying we encourage you to include amongst your GO team someone with relevant experience and/or skills, gained either inside or outwith BFS. We need you to help create the well-oiled machine that’s at the heart of our festival.

If you fancy running either group, we’d really love you to apply! The power to make these things happen lies with you…

Photo by Martin McCarthy

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