Entreating the Elements: A call for elemental groups!

Earth my body,

Water my blood

Air my breath,

And fire my spirit


Last weekend the Board met to chat through GO applications for this year’s Beltane, and the idea-makers, rhythm-writers and foot-stampers for 2018 will soon be preparing for their Open Meeting presentations (hint hint).

One of the most beautiful things about our festival is that it is organic: changing with the energy and visions of its members. This year we have a couple of new groups joining, and we’re keen to see what they’ll add to the performance and atmosphere.

Currently however, we are missing our elemental points: air, earth, fire and water. The night will be amazing with or without them, and as mentioned, change is part of our society. Should you have been musing on the idea of organising an elemental group though, we encourage you to get in touch – they can be a good starting group for new members to the festival, often low commitment and wide open to intepretation – we’re particularly keen to hear from any experienced fire leaders, as, er, it’s kinda in the name…

It could be that you’re not actually interested in doing a performance crew, but have a sparkling idea for an installation or sculpture that shouts air, washes water over you, or embodies earth. It’d be good to have the elements be present on the night, and we’re open to what form that takes – the festival is what you make it.

Email festival@beltane.org if you’re feeling a stirring: you’ll need to make contact by Monday 12 February, to make sure you can join us for the GO weekend on 17-18 February (there’s good biscuits).

More information about organising a group and all of the required forms can be found in this post.

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