The Guardians of The Water Shrine in their own words

Water exists in the air as water vapour, in rivers and lakes, in icecaps and glaciers, in the ground as soil moisture, in you and in me. Water covers most of the Earth surface. We call her the Blue Planet.

Copyright Gordon Veitch for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

We cannot live without water. It flows like blood in our veins. And so the Guardians – mermaids and selkies – will flow in, filling the empty spaces and bringing balance to the Elements on Beltane night. We are bringing the offering of water to the Garden of Earth for the seeds to start the growth. We whirl and twirl to the Waterbirds’ dance with Aerie. We flow as the river of molten lava to the fiery drum beats and sparks.

Copyright Vince Graham for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

Water is ruled by the Moon with the tides and so our moves represent the tide coming in as the Procession arrives to the Water Shrine and recedes as the Procession passes by. We offer it to the May Queen to be blessed and She cleanses herself in it.

Copyright Scott Miller for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

Our Water Shrine represents clean, pure water. Nearby you will find the Jellyfish sculpture showing the reality of polluted oceans and rivers.

Copyright Neil Barton for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

“Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does.” – Margaret Atwood

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