Making mischief with the Beastie drummers

Our Beasties are playful, radge, and curious characters, born on the night of Beltane Fire Festival and full of irrepressible chaotic energy.

They have been asleep for far too long, and are dying for a party. They rediscover their instruments as they wake, and joyfully start to play their infectious rhythms as they careen in and out of spaces. They revel in the misrule of the night, bamming up their onlookers with ecstatic drumming and dancing.

Copyright Kasia Sowinska for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

The Beasties burst forth onto the Hill and are immediately full of wonder. Everything around them is brand new, and they approach the beings milling around them overcome with curiosity and mischief. They play up to the other drummers that they meet, competing and revelling in the different sounds around the Hill.

When they encounter the Reds they recognise kindred spirits, and are drawn to their fellow summery creatures. They can’t help but love them, and the groups play, dance, hug, and exalt in each other’s beauty.

Copyright Kasia Sowinska for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. /

The Beasties may be impulsive, but their curiosity is knocked back when they encounter the May Queen. She is an unstoppable, unfathomable force, and the Beasties realise that they will never be able to comprehend her.

Beside her is the Green Man, a swirling nexus of energy fountaining up out of the earth. They bask in it and share in the joy of the new life coursing from the ground. He energises the Beasties and drives them to greater heights.

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