Our new Green Man takes the mantle for Beltane 2020

The nights may still be dark, long, and cold, but the first whisperings of our next fire festival are starting to emerge. We have some names to share with you. Our Green Man and our Blues have all stepped forward to take on the task of reigniting Summer at Beltane Fire Festival 2020, joining our May Queen Katie O’Neill, who is returning for her third and final year as our Spring goddess.

You’ll meet them all properly in future blog posts from us, but for now here are the names of the volunteers embodying these vital roles this year:

Green Man

Kieran Tulbure



If you’re still looking for other ways to join in with our community, we’ll be announcing our Group Organisers and their group concepts very soon. You can sign up to a performance or production group of your choice at our Open Meeting on Sunday 1 March. Details to follow.

Featured image (the Green Man stands with the Blues at Beltane Fire Festival 2014) by Jasper Schwartz for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

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