Our Green Man steps forward and introduces himself

The journey that brought me to the role of the Green Man is one of personal growth and rebirth.

I have been to Beltane Fire Festival as a spectator several times, and I have read into the story and felt very moved by the ritual and the performance. However, it was only when I came to a major turning point in my life that I felt particularly drawn to the Green Man. It was not me who chose to put myself forward for the role but rather he who called to me after I had achieved a personal transformation and was listening intently to my surroundings.

I encountered the Green Man’s presence in a setting outside of Beltane. I took part in a personal growth weekend with The Mankind Project, which was by far the most rewarding and challenging experience I have ever had. This happened immediately following some seismic changes in my life, which took me deep into darkness.

During the weekend process I looked at parts of myself that I never knew existed, and learned about the origins of my shadows and how they influence my behaviour. From this place I underwent a metamorphosis and was born reborn into the light. At this point the Green Man reached out and put his mark on me and I was chosen to carry his mantle for this season. 

I have been welcomed with so much attention and love into the society. I am truly honoured to be this year’s Green Man and am so excited and energised about this journey and the accompanying rituals and performance.

Never having performed in Beltane, I am coming to this experience as an open book –  for me the path that I am on and will be travelling with the Green Man is one of new growth. 

Kieran is this year’s Green Man, pictured above with our May Queen Katie.

Tickets for Beltane Fire Festival are available to buy online from Citizen Ticket. Join the Facebook event here.

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