Celebrating community with the Green Man

Like our May Queen’s message of hope, this poem was written before COVID-19 reached our shores. However, its theme of growth can meet any challenge we face in life and I hope that you can find relevance to our current situation in the message.

The light to be found in all of life’s challenges can brilliantly illuminate our path to growth. We have already seen so many beautiful acts of kindness to help those in need across our society in these times of uncertainty. I have been inspired and energised by the growth of community spirit and truly feel that our networks are growing richer and deeper. Despite the physical restrictions, we are attaining new levels of compassion and connectedness that will only continue to flourish.

I am in full acknowledgement that the current situation affects us all differently. That many brave individuals are still at work and that there are those of us who are dealing with the stresses of financial difficulty. However, for all of us to some degree, this period of physical isolation offers many opportunities for personal growth. We can transform this time into a sacred space where we can become still and shine the light on ourselves. Slowing down and really appreciating our time outside with nature, we have the opportunity to enrich our connection with life and what the turning of the seasons means to us all. It brings us a continual stream of new beginnings and endings and allows us to carry forward parts of our lives that serve us and leave behind others with which we are finished.

As in other times of challenge throughout our history, we are being reminded what we can achieve when we come together with a common goal. When we spend less time travelling and buying unnecessary things and allow ourselves more self-care. It truly fills my heart with joy to experience the community spirit and personal development growing around us, and with gratitude to think of the new opportunities that will arise from this situation.

The Greenman decided the vessel that he chose
From darkness towards light on a journey that they go
Our shadows have lessons to teach to us all
Before rising sometimes first we must let go and fall
Allowing fully core emotions grief, anger, shame and fear 
Crystallizing connections joy becomes beautifully clear
Like a grain in the earth from darkness it will grow
To the shadows our teachers rich gratitude will flow
Like leaves when open more light we can drink
Growing network sacred souls with love we shall link
Open up at heart centre the spirit does glow
From this place our energies evermore, they will grow
Like a tree maturing upwards requires balance in its feed
For this force to be centred loving focus we will need
Stabilise the power bring it back to the ground
Like a forest in harmony peace is all around
By his side on this journey she’s been waiting for this hour
Light the fires start the rhythms summer is going to flower
Ready the dance there are seeds to sow
hope, love, Eden all will grow

Featured image by Gladys Yelland for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

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