Spaceship Earth – a poem

Buckminster-Fuller never used
(As a rule) “*The* Universe”.
He thought Nouns shrouded what were Verbs.
“Universe” is what we do.

He gave us “Spaceship Earth” to spell
Out how our birth, and life, and death,
Each mouthful – food, or drink, or breath-
Stayed in a single Time/Space well.

Closed, save for sunlight, bounded round
As sleeping snakes might bite their tails,
At first glance, Bucky’s logic fails:
Our single chance, singular noun.

But from the other point of view:
“Earth” is what we Earthlings do.

by Neil Rhind (A snake)

This was published in Chapter Five of BOnFire (Beltane Online Fire Festival).

Featured image by Gordon Veitch for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.

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