Happy Imbolc

A very happy Imbolc to all of our members and friends, both near and far, from your new Board of Trustees and the Blues.

Whichever derivation of the word Imbolc you favour; “in the belly”, “ewe’s milk”, “a time of cleansing”, or “a time of budding”, or whether you mark today as Brigid’s Day, bringing light back into the darkness of a receding winter, it is clear that this is a day for thoughts of renewal and of the future.

In some ways it feels very much as if we are all “in the belly” ourselves this winter , each in our own bubble, awaiting the time when, once again, we can live with the vibrancy and community we desire. The Board and Blues are right there with you, dreaming and hoping for when we might be able to stand together again, in person and keeping a weather eye on the horizon to watch for when that might again be possible.

This has been a year where many, around the world, have experienced the loss of friends and loved ones and our community has not emerged unscathed. Please know that our hearts go out to all who have suffered losses. The spaces they leave in our lives stand as a testament to how well we loved them.

We have done more than just dream our way through these difficult times, however. As a community we have not only made the best of the situation, but have created beauty together through a full turn of the seasons in our online festivals. We have sought new avenues to sustain and build community between us. These are things we, the community, will continue to do and we will continue to support and facilitate as best we can.

As previously announced; Beltane 2021 will again take the form of an online festival, the nature of which will once again reflect the changing context in which it is being held. Despite the uncertainties, one thing is clear, we will remain a community dedicated to creating and sharing together through whatever means are available to us. We are still planning the details, however rest assured that there will be opportunities to get involved and mark the event as a community: more announcements to follow.

In the meantime though, why not join us in a little reminiscence of what was, for many of us, the last time we were together en masse, and a little dream of how it will be to see each other again, as soon as we can make that happen.

We look forward to being able to celebrate again together, but until then, perhaps wipe the morning dew across your brow and light a fire or a candle to celebrate with us. 

Happy Imbolc!

From your Board and Blues

For the Board of Trustees

Chair – Tom Watton

Vice-Chair – Caroline Evans

Treasurer – Neil Barton

Secretary – Dex de Cruz

Quarter Master – Robin Crane (Co-opted)

For the Blues

Lindsey Bell, Caroline Evans, Alun Evans, Steve Glover, Ella Humphries, Gav Kennerly, Jamie MacNeil and John Wilson

Have a look at some of the photos from our club night in 2020!

One thought on “Happy Imbolc

  1. Hi, Beltane Fire. I want to wish each of you a pleasant season and a very good personal development. God bless you and God bless Scotland. Alexandre


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