Meet Our Green Man: Rosamund

Oh hey! I’m the Green Man and I’m very chuffed to be taking on the mantle.

I have been involved in the society for, gosh, many years now. It has always been a space of such creativity, community and learning. A space in which I have grown in so many ways, as a person and performer. Revelling in meeting so many beautiful souls, seeing them shine and develop in the folds of Beltane’s cloak. 

The role of the the Green Man appeared to me like a snowdrop in December – surprising, exciting and somewhat daunting. An opportunity for fresh growth. 

Just before meeting with the Blues and the May Queen, I was awash by a wave of emotions. I went out in the field, getting caught on the hawthorn and beech branches. Struck by the lack of the loving, supportive and grounded divine masculine energy that I (and somewhat ‘society’) can neglect to cultivate in the self. I’m hoping to explore this aspect through my time in this role, expanding it to the land and further. Taking the joyful, bold, vulnerable and protective nature of the Green Man as my measure. 

This springly being of the Green Man offers up a sacrifice – of that which must be burned upon the fire. Then from the clavies relit by the May Queen and collective energy to be transfigured into a piece in the puzzle of the abundant unfurling of the Summer months. A collaboration with all other elements lining up to reap and build upon the intentions and actions that have been made. 

In a epoch of estrangement and isolation we can tend to the embers that continue to glow, embers of community, memories of time spent round fires exchanging stories, breaking bannocks and dancing to DRUMSSS. 

This Society holds a pulse that carries through time and can be called upon feed a soul fire with some yum. 

Let us herald in Summer’s thrummm. 

2 thoughts on “Meet Our Green Man: Rosamund

  1. have a great time as green man! it must be alot of fun in the preparations. one day ill be there for the experience. HERES TO YOUR WILD AND SPIRITED HEART! , CHEERS!! craig


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