Green Man Shout Out For Beltane 2022

Photo credit Mark Taylor for Beltane Fire Society, All Rights Reserved.

Hello all, Firstly, thank you to all those who responded with their nominations, it’s lovely to have members of our community put forward folks who they’d love to see take on roles within our festival. So far we haven’t had anyone put themselves forward for the role of Green Man this year and we want to make sure that people have had a chance to think it through. We appreciate that the announcement went out over the festive period and with not a huge amount of time before the deadline. As such, we have decided to extend our deadline for self-nominations. For those wishing to apply please send us an email by the 12th of January with a brief description of what has drawn you to the role. Applications can be sent to teamblue [at] beltane [dot] org. (Candidates will need to be available for interview between 20 – 25th Jan).

If there’s anyone you would have nominated if we’d been able to give you more time, please consider asking them if they’d like to self nominate.

Just a reminder that there are some key dates to consider. The successful applicant must be able to commit to the following dates in person if we are still having an in person festival;

29th March – evening GO walkthrough

16th April – Walkthrough 1

23rd April – Walkthrough 2

GO meetings on Tuesday evenings, the current plan is for every other meeting to be online. Hybrid attendance is planned for the 5th of March Open Meeting.

What is the role of the Green Man?

Through the darkness and the cold there sits a spark, buried deep under the loam and far from the biting wind. This spark is waiting, waiting to spread, to leap and crackle across the land. To spin life and structure from dead matter, to wind back the spring of entropy and fill the world with marvellous complexity. This viridas, the spirit of greening energy is expressed in our festival through our Green Man. He dances through the liminal spaces between what we can see and what we can feel. He is a vessel and a channel, a locus of power who powers and is fuelled by other entities in our festival. The most important relationship that He has in our festival is the one he shares with the May Queen. She is the torque of the wheel of time, the inevitable changing of the seasons and the maiden aspect of the ever-changing goddess. Together they will bring the spring, a melange of the bursting new life and the changing of the land in harmony. Finding this harmony and learning how to be what He needs to be is the journey that the Green Man makes. Through His death and rebirth He becomes that which She needs in order to bring forth the new season.

The Green Man is a figure that holds a great significance for many other groups in the festival. Whomsoever is selected for the role can expect to have many people keen to interact in the run-up to our festival. We want whoever is selected to make this role their own, previous Green Men have taken very different journeys from each other and expressed themselves in different ways. We want the Green Man to create a visual performance, this has often been through dance BUT this is not a given.

We encourage all those who feel the call of the Green Man to apply and to please contact us if you have queries regarding accessibility, gender is not a criteria used to select for any BFS role.

If you are considering stepping forward for this role but are wavering, or simply looking for more info, we’d like to encourage you to contact blues at beltane dot org for a chat.

Details about this process can be found within the Court Selection Process.

Thank you,

Your Blues & Board

2 thoughts on “Green Man Shout Out For Beltane 2022

  1. Hi there I was wondering if I could get some information on Beltane festival and whom I could speak to about volunteering my time 🙂 thank you


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