Experience 2022 Beltane as a Steward!

We are still looking for volunteers to help with this year’s 2022 Beltane Fire Festival. Whether you have been involved before, or are interested in learning more about the event, you may be able to help this year’s Beltane happen!

If getting more experience with events and meeting of new and lovely people, then our Nightwatch team would love to hear from you.

Photo by Vince Graham for the Beltane Fire Society

What is the role of a steward?

Stewards are the friendly faces that help protect the procession and keep both the performers and the public safe on the night of the festival. Stewards get the best view, walking right alongside the performers, get to dance to the drums and make a lot of new friends along the way.  It’s our job to hold the line, keeping members of the public out of the procession as best we can so that everyone can enjoy the night as safely as possible, and keeping performance spaces clear for the procession to enter. 

Our Stewards are part of Nightwatch, the ever watchful guardians who maintain the barrier between our world and the next. They act as a window onto the Otherworldly realm that emerges on the night of Beltane by sharing the significance of our celebrations and helping to direct witnesses to vantage spots on Calton Hill.

Dates + level of commitment

  • Stewards are a low-commitment group with weekly meetings every Sunday afternoon 2pm-4pm on Calton Hill – it is preferable if you show up to as many as you can, but just let the organisers know if you can’t make any.
  • Anyone looking to join will need to do at least one Walkthrough (16th April 12pm – 5pm, 23rd April 12pm – 5pm) and complete our fire safety training (14th April 7pm-9pm, 28th April 7pm-9pm).

BFS policy

By signing up to become one of our stewards you are agreeing with BFS code of conduct – please ensure you read and agree to these terms. Volunteering stewards automatically become a member of BFS and are invited to events and social organised by the charity. This includes Beltane only events.

Additionally, we encourage all Beltaners to be vaccinated and to take regular lateral flow tests prior to each rehearsal or gathering. 

To sign up with our Stewards, email Rhiannon at paradesafetyofficer[at]beltane[dot]org*****

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