The Sea Mither – Tales From The Hearth

As we enter this year’s changing of the seasons, we present a series of stories from our storytellers, Tales From The Hearth. Between now and 2022 Beltane night, they will be telling tales and poems and singing songs connected to different aspects of our fire festival, sharing them with you online.

In the Isles of Orkney there lies the tale called ‘The Mither of the Sea.’

The Sea Mither is the oldest of the deities of Orkney. She brings summer to the islands and defeats the storms of winter.

Listen to her story as she fights to return light, warm land and waters.

Video Credits

Sea Mither : Ania Janeczko
Teran : Nick Toth
Story by : Nicky Saunders
Read by : Paula Nicholson McKay
Video and sound: Ludwing Perez and Mark
Editing : Ludwing Perez and Nicky Saunders
Subtitles: Nicky Saunders………

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