Join the Stewards for Beltane 2023!

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Hello you! Yes, you. The Beltane Fire Society is looking for volunteer Stewards to help run the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh at the end of April. Interested? Good. 

Stewards are the friendly (painted) faces of the festival, who are there to answer questions from the audience, and also to guard performance spaces and safely escort the May Queen’s procession on its journey around Calton Hill. We have the best view of all the stunning performances that occur during the festival, but we also have a job to do: Stewards are responsible for ensuring the safety and well-being of the performers and audience members. We work closely with festival organisers and performers to plan a safe and enjoyable night for everyone. 

We are running training sessions on Calton Hill every Sunday afternoon between now and the festival. On 

  • Sundays April 2nd and 16th we are meeting at 2pm for a couple of hours for Stewarding focused activities
  • Sundays April 9th and 23rd at 12pm for full Beltane cast walkthrough rehearsals. 

Everyone needs to come to at least one walkthrough, and undergo fire-safety training. No prior experience is necessary, but the more training sessions and practices you are able to attend, the better prepared you will be for what happens on the night. 

Training will include workshops on audience interaction run by experienced Beltane performers, basic techniques in crowd control as well as getting to know the stories of Beltane and the other performance groups so we can help audience members interpret what they are witnessing. You are welcome to join us on Calton Hill for any of these, but if you are new to Beltane it might be useful to get in touch with us beforehand using the email address or sign-up form below so we can give you a better idea what to expect.

Stewarding can be a great first step into BFS. We’re a friendly bunch and provide an opportunity to learn about the festival and its performers whilst contributing to the safety and enjoyment of others. In return for giving up your time, you get to be part of a unique festival, join a diverse and vibrant community, and also get a free ticket to the unmissable Beltane afterparty!

If you have any questions, do get in touch via email:

You can also sign up to our mailing list, and we’ll keep you updated on the festival and other Beltane community events:

One thought on “Join the Stewards for Beltane 2023!

  1. Hi I tried to get hold of somebody for the steward walk-through today but had no luck and assumed because of the weather it may be called off am still interested in joining I you will have me please tell me either way thanks


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