Chapter Five – Earth

Earth is our nourishing mother, the one who pulls us to her, protectively, grounding us in our bodies and in our roots. She resonates with our beats, she guides us with her transformation through the seasons, her feedback is what keeps us alive and thriving. In a time of paralysis for humans, the Earth blossoms with primroses, bursts into life through a million, billion, trillion buds and leaves, sending forth countless shoots of life. She brings hope and a vision of what life is when it is thriving. Her children are all, from the sleepy ladybird to the shy deer, from the river orchid to the great sprawling chestnut giants. To them she dedicates unconditional protection and nourishment, and reminds us what we are a part of.

Spaceship Earth – a poem

A poem written by Neil Rhind, one of the Nathrach (the snakes who would have embodied the Earth at Beltane Fire Festival).

Featured image by Gordon Veitch for Beltane Fire Society. All rights reserved.