Echoes Along The World’s Tree

We are all individuals in a collective; linked by the same earth beneath us.

We reached out, branches stretched through the sky and roots anchored into the soil. We reached out and called to those in the Beltane diaspora to send videos. Dance, song, poem, or any expression that linked you to the connection with nature and the Spring. 

The heartbeat of the world comes from the Earth. The pulse of the world’s blood, from the smallest stream to the vastest ocean. Even the air you breathe has been breathed by millions of creatures before us. We are both individual and many.


Group Organisers
Nico Marrone & Hannah Smith

Admin & Organisation
Nico Marrone

Video & Sound Editing
Hannah Smith

Nico Marrone
Maya Ravensong
Hannah Smith
Emy Clemence

“Thirst for Water (Percussion Only)“ by Teknoaxe

“The World Sleeps“ by Teknoaxe

“The Growing Song” by Maya Ravensong (to the tune of Rose Madrigal)

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