Early disaster

Elementals GO, Nyree, shares a set-back and a lesson from the weekend’s rehearsal.

Well, I was looking forward to the group’s second rehearsal on Sunday, which would also be the first time on Calton Hill this year. But, alas, it was not meant to be…

I have been suffering from an injury and whilst trying to keep mobile and thereby aiding in the healing process, I royally screwed up my hip again. Back onto two crutches for me!

The accident happened on Saturday and yet Sunday morning I got up, had breakfast, made up packed lunch to take with me to Calton Hill. I got myself prepared with drinks, painkillers and a hot water bottle. In getting ready, I was nearly in tears trying to get myself up and down the stairs. Yet I was determined, I was NOT going to let anyone down!

After hearing me bang about the place and curse for some time, my partner eventually woke up and calmly made me see reason – there is no point in injuring myself even more and being completely out of commission for Beltane.

So, with a heavy heart, I called one of my co-GO’s. Her cheery voice was just the tonic I need. She reassured me I was to ‘rest up’ and ‘don’t worry, I’ll have to rely on you to take a rehearsal at some point’ which made me feel simultaneously relieved and stupid. Of course she is more than capable of taking a rehearsal on her own! (Our other co-GO was also not well on Sunday). I was stupid to think otherwise and relieved that she didn’t think I
was letting her down. I had forgotten the golden rule – your group is run as a partnership.

There will be times when I will be called apon to take the slack, as she did for me today. Your communication with your fellow co-GO is vital, and you help and support each other through the entire run up to Beltane. It’s the only way to get your group ready in time for Beltane night, and to keep your sanity in the process.

The other important lesson is this: If anyone in the group had an injury or was unwell, I would prefer they let me know and stayed away from rehearsal so they could rest, get better, and come back to the next rehearsal able (and willing!) to take part, rather than cause themselves further injury or worsen their illness. So why did I expected anything different from myself?

After all, GO’s are only human…

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