Awesome and amazing…

The Elementals are still looking for volunteers! You can reach Nyree, Becky and Kat at

Nyree from Elementals shares another page from her GO diary.

Wow. I just mean. Wow. I have always known there are some really talented and creative people involved in Beltane. But seriously…wow.

Wednesday’s rehearsal was all about getting the group’s perceptions of the elements and working through the creative process. And boy was it an inspiring process.

The obvious and mundane associations made way for the most amazingly abstract, outrageous, hilarious and at times poignant, association with the elements. It was for me, a very humbling experience and I enjoyed every second of it. If we are able to deliver 1% of the amazing ideas the group produced, on Beltane Night, we will have the best Elemental performance. Ever. Fullstop. Beltane legend in the making…

I also realised what an absolute privilege it is to be working with my two co–GO’s Kat and Becky. If you see either of them, give these people some love! They are two beautiful and amazing women!

I could blog pages and pages of what we are doing, possibly doing, would like to do, but for now I will keep that secret…

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