Ring-A Ring-A Roses

Another page from Nyree’s GO diary…

The sun was shining bright for Sunday’s rehearsals, so we took the opportunity to take a break from Puppet making and go outside to play in the sunshine.

So there we were; 20+ adults running around a car-park, playing Sardines. Much hilarity ensued. So much so we played Princess and Dragons, which progressed into double and TRIPLE Princess and Dragons!

If anyone was walking along London Road on Sunday morning and looked into the grounds of the Arts Complex, they would have thought we were stark raving mad!

But having fun helped get us into the mood for the best puppet making session yet.

I am currently writing this blog at work and I’ve just looked around the room. There isn’t even 1% of the energy and enthusiasm the Elementals had yesterday.

Perhaps we should all tap into our inner child on a daily basis; play some games and learn to laugh every day. We’d get so much more done at work and perhaps even enjoy it.

Anyone for a quick Ring-a Ring-a Roses?!

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