Ready, steady, shoot!

Photo Point’s GOs share their (non-wipe-out!) weekend workshop diary…

It was a beautiful sunny day on the hill, the time was 10am and everything would have been perfect, except for the fact that technology had let us down. Ania had arrived on the hill 4 hours too early due to an on-line calendar issue. I discovered this when I received a phone call which began with

“Hi Dan, I’m on the hill, I think I can see you..”,

to which I replied “I’m not sure you can. I’m sitting at my computer in my dressing gown”

That was the start of a calamitous series of events which would be the signature of our Sunday meeting. I arrived late, having cycled 13 kilometres with what felt like a metric ton of equipment, dragged my bike to the top of the hill only to find that our workshop wasn’t happening because that pesky calendar had moved the date to next week. The person running the workshop didn’t have their resources with them. Never mind, part of our training is to adapt to the unexpected. We chose to head to a café, out of the cold wind, and have a hot chocolate and a discussion about our costume and away weekend. Who would have thought that it would be so hard to find a place that allowed children on a Sunday afternoon (and Mothering Sunday too!). We opted for sitting by the omni centre to have our chat, sans chocolat chaud.

That could have been the worlds worst meeting but it wasn’t. We had a great time, decisions on costumes and the weekend were made. We tried out our costume design with great hilarity. Just try pleating 6 metres of fabric in the wind to see for yourself. We finished with our closing ritual; Ready, Steady, Shoot. The lesson learned from this is that nothing is a wipe-out unless you let it be one. Trust in your group to pull together because that is the most important skill they will need on event night.

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