Counterpoint need more Torchies!

A message from Counterpoint…

The Counterpoint Drummers require some more torchbearers. We will be processing around the hill on Beltane night spreading our Wintery rhythms until we eventually transform into our Summery selves and we will need light!

Counterpoint Torchbearers are required to come to part of our Sunday practices (when possible) with the option of partaking in some drumming, as well as attending some of the Nightwatch sessions so that you know how to safely use the fire torches, make torch balls etc. Our weekend away is from the 6th-8th of April and it would be preferable for our torchbearers to attend if possible, obviously it is very short notice so please contact us regardless! We will also be having the usual costume making sessions, character discussions and our torchbearers would be required to attend walkthroughs too.

If you are interested in holding fire on a stick and being in close proximity to drums please drop us a line at

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