One week to go for Group Organiser applications!

We would like to remind everyone that there is one week left to submit your proposals for the groups you feel drawn to lead and help manifest into this year’s Samhuinn storyline and performance.

Perhaps there is a group character that you have connected with in the past, or you feel would be essential to the enactment of Winter’s coming? Or perhaps you were part of a group at Beltane and have an idea for how that archetype would change and develop on the other side of the Wheel of the Year?

This can also be a chance to reconnect with some people from previous groups, years or festivals – or even work with people you haven’t yet gotten to know.

Next Friday is also the deadline for our Kings submissions. If you have an idea for how you want to anthropomorphise the seasonal forces, let us know.

For all applications, don’t let yourself be dictated by what has happened before. There is plenty of scope for new ideas, groups or symbolic characters.

Remember to have your completed applications in by Friday 10th at 5pm. That Wheel is turning and Winter will soon be upon us.

For more information about how to apply, read this.

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