Winter Drummers, not so Innocent!

Tom and Lindsay, Samhuinn 2012’s Winter Drummers GOs, share a sample of their epic beats to get you into the Festival spirit.

Last Saturday, as part of a very serious recording and prep session, the Winter Drummers GOs went out with a glamorous assistant or two to The Innocent Railway, (normally a very solitary and mysterious place), and made a series of loud, booming noises together for a few hours. Bliss, I tell you. Bliss.

Mics were running all the while, and we tried some old and new stuff, including an old one that one or two of you might know.

The recording sounded really good and we thought Beltaners old and new might like to hear the sound of the biggest reverb ever. Check it out here:

If you fancy making a noise like this yourself, why not come along and have a go? The Winter Drummers’ first practice is at the Bongo Club this Wednesday (12th September), 7-9 pm. All welcome!

If you can’t make that, you can email or for more info.

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