Oracles of Night (still open to new members)

Judy and Sandi’s Oracles of Night are still recruiting for Samhuinn 2012! Here’s some information about their group, how you can contact them and the details of their up-coming meetings.

The Oracles of Night are of the betwixt and between times, created from the liminal space between Summer and Winter, Day and Night, beings of the Transition and seen when the Veil is at its thinnest – be it on a Journey, a Quest or at the edge of a Dream… They may Challenge the Unwary Traveller, tell A Word to the Wise besides a fire or guide souls as Anam Cara ( Friend of) Souls, both Old and Young, through Changes and Transformations. Are they Old or Young, Male or Female, Friendly or Distant, Icey or Warm, Soft or Wrinkly, Real or a Dream?

Our first meeting is Wednesday 7pm till 9pm in room 1.22 at Arts Complex, and then Sunday 2.30pm till 4pm in the same place. We have space for performers and musicians just now. Blokes are welcome but this is a moon lodge, following moon cycles and working with archetypal grandmothers toad, crow, bat, spider and mare.

Contact for more information

2 thoughts on “Oracles of Night (still open to new members)

  1. Hello,
    I am very interested to take part this year buti am unable to attend the meeting tonight. I could however attend on Sunday. Could you tell me a bit more about what is to be expected, time and practice wise, for the performers?



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