Midsummer Nightmares…join their debauched ceilidh!

Kat and Nyree of Samhuinn 2012’s Midsummer Nightmares would like to invite you to get in touch and join the chaos!

Midsummer’s Nightmare represents Summer but in a darker, more twisted form. They’ve feasted and danced their way through the last 4 months but now they are passing their best. Fruits are rotting on the trees, plants have become overgrown, they should have followed the path to autumn but instead they have continued their decadent party.

They have become so debauched they are clinging to reality by the very tips of their fingers. Having experienced the heady days of midsummer, they have tried to hold on to this feeling of euphoria becoming a nightmarish state of who they once were. Deranged, they are spiralling into chaos, no longer understanding the limits of their decadence. Whilst dancing through summer they have reached the verge of insanity, the Mrs Havishams’ of Summer and the Dionysus’ of Autumn.

As with all good things however, it must come to an end. If left unchecked this nightmare would build to a point where winter could not begin, let alone prosper. They would build to a choking heat where nothing could survive, facilitating the destruction of the Earth. As such, a mercy killing is necessary to free their tormented souls, allowing some to live to protect and carry the seeds of summer through winter, bringing about new life in the spring.

If you’d like to explore the darker, more chaotic aspect of summer and are willing to not take yourself too seriously then this is the group for you. If you can dance, sing, play music or stagger around like you’ve been having too much fun or are a little insane then we’d love you to join our debauched ceilidh. To find out more please email: nightmares@beltane.org

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