Adventures in Group Organising

Steven Turner joined BFS earlier this year. He took part in Beltane 2012 as a member of Contact Point and was Handfasted at the festival. You can read about his experiences in My First Beltane. At Samhuinn 2012, Steven will be running the Torchbearers group. He has shared his experiences of planning for the group and taking part in the Open Meeting…

After a few meeting and emails with David (co-GO for Torchies), we had a plan, a speech, some paint and a good idea. Now all we needed were the volunteers, so the Open Meeting was the first starting point for this.

In preparation, speeches were written, redesigned and thought on. We got distracted by beer and chatting about fire, then back to the ideas and speech once more.

Then the day arrived. I arrived nice and early, to sit and relax, and slowly get prepared (cloaks, face paints and practicing a little). After a quick rehearsal, and a few attempts at relaxation, I was ready to panic…I mean, to speak.

After the Blues explanation, and the Court’s talk about who they were and what they represented this year, it was onto us. Walking to the front, I became very thankful for the invention of paper, writing (thanks D!) and became totally reliant on reading what was written down!

After that, it was a chance to sit down and see other peoples pitches to get volunteers, from the entertaining, to the even more entertaining. If I wasn’t a GO, I would be certainly joining a couple of groups!

Then the big finish, getting people to sign up. All I can say is wow, everyone was so nice and quite friendly, even when they had a man in a black cloak descending upon them to direct them to the Torchies sign up point.

From what I have seen so far, this is going to be a great Samhuinn!

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