James and Blue from RED sent us an update from their first rehearsal…

Well well well, thank you for all those who attended the open meeting this Sunday, what a remarkable turn out! This week rehearsals started for the REDs and my word we’re off to a good start 😉

There was sweat, mud, and blood, and I for one am still aching from storytime…you see, when you have to get in shape for an acro-filled performance, even your breaks are some form of torture or another…

Things are going to be a little different for us this year, we’re not letting too much on for now, but expect more in the coming weeks. This Saturday will be the last practice before we have to select the final group, so if you couldn’t make it last night and would still like to join the RED group, make sure you’re on the meadows for a 1PM start on Saturday, at RED-POINT (which is just off middle meadow walk, near the compass, you can’t miss us- there’s a bunch of hippies all wearing bright red!) don’t forget to bring snacks, warm clothing, and water…you’ll need it!

For more information contact James and Blue at

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